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I help parents and business professionals manage their hectic lives/careers and help them put themselves first to best serve their family and business at 100 percent.

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I mostly work with parents and career driven people who struggle to find time for themselves.This is because I really understand their problems and time constraints when trying to balance everything. I don’t work with everyone, the reason for that is I only work with people who I can help. So if your application is successful then you know I can help you!


You can start by applying via the button above or below this video and booking in your first call. If the times does suit or you just want some more clarity then send me a message on instagram or facebook @sylvestersweeneypt


Minimum term is 6 months but most people love it so much they stay for 1/2 years and beyond. One thing I can guarantee you if you are a good fit for the program. Your life will change for the better! Cost wise we can discuss on the call once we decide if you are right for the program…

A bit about me…

I have been in the fitness industry for over 6 years now. During that time I ran a multiple award winning gym However, after moving online I realised the impact I was able to have on peoples lives both in and out the gym. It’s the other 23 hours that get forgotten about. That is what my whole brand encompasses now! I am the leading online transformation coach in the country and can say with full confidence that if we work together – I will change your life. As you can see from so many others above. I love what I do and take it extremely seriously – Health isn’t a luxury… it’s a necessity! Everyone else feels what you feel, work, family, friends etc. I’ll tell you why – when you are sad, they feel that from you, when your happy, they feel it, when you are stressed they feel it and so on.


My ultimate goal, role and responsibility is to help you operate at 100 percent (not an over run 60% version of you). This in turn saves you money and time in your business and family as it allows you to operate less emotionally as you have a lot more control of your life. As a father myself – I realise how hard this can be, but you’ll regret it if you don’t show up!


I am not your run of the mill PT – i’ll teach you how to live within your highest values and the body will be the byproduct of that. Not just for 8/12/16 week, the rest of your life!